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Practice Areas


Trial Advocacy
We are known for trying and winning cases in court.  Eight of our litigators have been selected for Best Lawyers in America.  Our courtroom success is based on intense hands-on preparation and the fact that we are ready, willing, and able to go to trial.  We have tried cases before judges and juries in a wide variety of commercial disputes, everything from half-billion-dollar construction cases to small landlord-tenant cases. 

Appellate Advocacy
We excel in appellate advocacy. Indeed, we have frequently been called on to take over cases after another firm has experienced an adverse result at the trial level -- and we have won on appeal. 

Alternative Dispute Resolution
Going to court can be expensive.  We always consider that it may be preferable to resolve disputes outside the courtroom. We have extensive experience in arbitration, mediation, and facilitation proceedings, and in negotiating advantageous settlements.  Also, our attorneys are regularly called upon by judges and other prominent law firms to act as arbitrators or settlement facilitators.